De Interés : Chrome brings better speeds, improved battery life, faster check-out

If Google Chrome is your default browser, chances are you’re on it most of the time that your computer is open or you’re online. And if there’s a slight lag when you’re loading a website or when you feel like it’s draining your battery like a vampire, then frustration kicks in. Google says that the latest update to the browser will help you solve that problem, and even brings you a new feature that you might appreciate if you’re a fan of Android Pay.

“Speed has always been a priority for Chrome,” Google says. And this latest update may help the browser live up to that. They have put in tools like Speedometer which shows the improvements that have been made over the past year, including making Chrome 15% faster on both desktop and the Android app. Of course your Internet connection also contributes to the speed (or lack of) of loading the websites, but at least you know Chrome is doing everything it can to speed things up.

As for your device’s battery life, Chrome has been one of those that drains your mobile device or your laptop. The update ensures that Chrome uses less of your device’s battery if you visit sites that you often go to. So even if you watch videos on YouTube or Facebook or Vimeo, your battery life is conserved in a way. Power measurement tools are also tracking your battery performance over time so as to make things better in the future, at least power-wise.

Chrome on Android also now includes seamless payment system as support for Android Pay has been added. So if you have a compatible device and your bank supports this mobile payment gateway, then you can use the one-tap system to make payments when you’re using Chrome.


SOURCE: Google

via Android Community

September 8, 2016 at 08:29AM



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