De Interés : SimpleRT is for Android reverse tethering, share your PC’s connection to Android

You all know mobile tethering – we’ve all used it once in our lives. In fact, the feature to be able to share your Android smartphone’s data connection to other devices (laptop, desktop, tablet, etc.) via WiFi hotspot has been standard in most smartphones since a couple of years back. But how about going the reverse – that is, sharing your desktop or laptop’s wifi connection to your Android device?

Ok, we get that you might not see the point – your Android smartphone should be able to take in a WiFi connection easily. But just to expand the point, what if there was a way to share your laptop’s network connection to your Android device over USB? You might need it if your phone’s wifi is somehow broken and you don’t have a strong cellular data signal. Whatever the situation is, SimpleRT is the project that can make it happen.


The app is still in development, but the developer has published his code via Github. No root is required for the app, and even no ADB as well, which is a surprise. You just run the PC-side console program, connect your device via USB and it should work. There are some initial steps/permissions when you first run it, but that’s pretty much normal.

We don’t actually know what the intended use is, but it is nice to know that this can be done. Try the app if you want to, and let us know how it goes. Check out the source link below.

SOURCE: Github

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August 1, 2016 at 09:04AM


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